ǴԹ MCB/MCCB Test Systems

MCB/MCCB Tast Systems

For decades we have specialized intensively and successfully in

  the development and production of electionic supply systems for
  current and voltage, high precision measuring technology, 
  specimen mounts and contacting equipment for highty differing
  types of specimen in the field of electrical engineering.
Basedd on this experience, ZERA first developed test stations
  for switchgear with manual specimen feed quickly followed by  
  complete testing lines featuring automatic fedd and contacting
We have supplemented the usual standard tests on switchaear
-  Measurement of the release charateristics of magnetic and
   bimetal cut-outs using highly accurate current
-  High voltage tests with addittional functions such as:

-  Measurement of trip forces
-  Measurement of bimetal deflection
-  Noise measurement on tripping coils

-  Adjustment of bimetal and magnetic cut-outs.


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