ǴԹ Power Electronics

Semiconductor contactor BF 9250

According to EN 60 647-4-2, IEC 60 158-2, VDE 0660 part 109
1-,2- and 3-pole models
Control inpot X1 with low current consumption /001
  e.g. to be contching frequency a PLC
Hing swiching frequency and long life
Compact size with integrated heat sink
Load current up to 50 A
For AC load up to 480 V
Switching at zero crossing
Protected by varistors
Temperature protection of the power
  semiconductors with LED indicator
Monitoring output with latching function for
  overtemperature of the power semiconductor

3 LED indicators 
AS option with analogue input for pulse cycles controlled output/002
AS option each power semiconductor controlled by
  a separate input with common groud and temperature

  monitoring / 004
Mounting on DIN-rail
width 22,5 mm, 45 mm and 90 mm
Standard type: BF 9250.01/001 DC 24 VAC 24...480V 50/60Hz 10A

Article number: 0050515 stock item
With control input X1
Auxiliary voltage UH:DC 24 V

Load voltage: AC 24 ... 480 V
Load current 10A 
Width: 22,5 mm
Standard type: DF 9250.02/001 DC 24V AC 24...480V 50/60Hz 2x 15A
Article number: 0050519 Stock item
With control input X 1
Auxiliary Voltage UH:DC 24 V
Loda voltage: AC 24 ...48 V

Load current: 2 x 15A
Width: 45 mm

Softstarter IL 9017, SL 9017 - varimeter

Increases life of 1-phase squirrel cage moters and mechanical drives
Devices available in 2 enclosure versions: 
- IL 9017: depth 61 mm with terminals at the bottom for installations
  systems and industrial distribution systems
- SL 9017: depth 100mm with terminals at top for
cabinets wth mounting plate and cable duct
For single phase phase motors up to 1,5 kW
Adjustable ramp time and starting torque
Semiconductors will be bridged after start up
LED indication
Width 35 mm
Standard type: IL 9017 AC 230 V 1,5 kW
Article number: 0049323
Standard type: SL 9017 AC 230V 1,5 kW

Article number: 0050603
- Nominal voltage UN: AC 230 V
For motors up to 1,5 kW
Width: 35 mm 

Reversing module BH 9253

According to EN 60 947-4-2, EN 60 158-2,VDE 0660 part 1
Switching at zero-crossing
TO reverse 3 phase squirrel cage motors up to 3 kW at 400 V
Electrical interlocking of both directions
Temperature monitoring to protect the power semiconductors
Continuous load current up to 6,5A
LEDs for status indication Galvanic separation
  between control circuit and power circuit
45 mm width
Standard type: BH 9253.11 AC 220 ... 240 V 50/60 Hz 3kW 100ms

Article number:
Output: 1 changeover contact
Nominal voltage UN:AC 220 ... 240 V
Switchover delay: 100ms
Width: 45 mm


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