ǴԹAnalogue Display Units

Analog Panel Meters from  GMC

Wordwide scales and service
Delivery within 3 working days for all panel meters
  Shunt resistors without covers ( nominal current to 1.5 kA )
  ASK 31.3/ASK 412.4 current transformer (Class 1,50 - 60 Hz)
Moving-iron panel meters: lower measuring range value to 
  10% of upper measuring range value
Power meters, power factor and freuency meters include
  electronic converter
Interchangeable scales for all panel meters  
Terminal block cover assures back hand and finger contact
   safety in accordance with VBG 4, and is included as standard
   equipment with panel meters
Screw terminals with self-lifting terminal clips for all panel
  Meter Screws can be turned with for monving- iron ammeter

  >40A and moving-coil ammeters>6A

Interchangeable bezel and glass faceplates for all panel meter
Panel meters can be mounted to all common mosaic


Further Analog Display Units

Complete family of measuring instruments for current
  voltage wattage power factor frequency bimetal ammeter
  Housing to DIN standard squar/rectangular shape
  Changeable scales Subassembly and built-in devices


Analog Panel Meters Prefernce Program

the sum of electrical values, that correspond to both limits
  of the measuring range Thais applies only when both the
  electical zero point are located within the scale range
90 electical degress for power factor meters
  The reference value corresponds to:
the sum of electrical values, that correspond to both limits 
   of  the measuring range independent from the algebraic

   singn. This applies only when both the mechanical and
   the eletrical zero point are located within the scale range;

aquadrant with phase meters:
the diference fo resistance values of both limits of the
  This applies for resistance meters with linear scales
the scale-length with instruments ( e.g. resistance meters )
  with non-linear scale, that have no separate linear scales

the nominal value for accessories


Analog Panel Meters from  BERTRAM

all Dimensions for current and voltage
Standard and soecial dimensions
Subassembly and built-in devices Edgetype meters
interchangeable scales and lllumination possible



all Dimensions for current and voltage
Standard and special dimensions
Edge-flat-round-and double indicators




all Dimensions for current and voltage
Round Meters for railway application
in part with lllumination
in part with pointer deflection 240°


Star Indicators in monostable-and bistable version
moving Star in different types and colours
standard and special dimensions ( Block ) indicator version )
Shunts class 0.5 DIN 43703
Current and voltage transformers


EQN 48 C

DIN 43700
DIN EN 61010
VDE 0411
IEC 1010
Dreheisen / Moving lron
for den Einbau in Sicherungslastschaltleisten
for panel mounting in fuse-switch disconnectors


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