ǴԹ Bargraph Displays

Bargraph Displays

Analogue and digital display
  1 and 2 measuring channels
  Fluorescent display or LED's

  Up to 4 settable limit values
  Row or needle displays
  Built-in housing to DIN standard
 For process control, automation
  and laboratory applications

 Current, votage, resistance
  frequency and temperature

Resolution up to 0,5 %


Mueller & Weigert Bar Graph Meters

  DINALOG A 144 x 36
Single Display Indicator
- The current measured value is simultaneously read out 

  to the light-strip indicator. and to the digital display
  Selected limit values can be plainly displayed next to the
  measured value at a second light-strip for models inclding
  limit values

  The user is thus provided with an ideal overview of the

  measured value and the limit values
  Double Display Indicator

Current measured values are displayed at two light-strips
  arranged next to one another.
  Either one of these values can be simultaneously read out

  to the digital display as well
  An LED at the bottom of the respective light-strip scale
  indicates which of the the digital display.


Semi-Analog Panel Meters (Light-Strip Indicators) 

  The 36 segment LED light-strip indicator display
    measured values at a 45 mm scal with 3% resolution
  The full display range can also be taken advantage of
    for bipolar measurements thanks to the additinal
    polarity display.
   Easy programming with three keys allows for on-site
    display range adjustments.

    The user is thus provided with an ideal overview of the

    measured value and the limit values
  DINALOG A 96 x 24

Single Display Indicator
  This measuring  instrument is always laid out as a single
  display device with one light-strip indicator and an additional

  digital display.
  Models with two limit values are available for direct current
  and direct voltage measuring ranges.

  The limit values are displayed along with the measured
  value at the light-strip Limit value violation messages are

  read out via relay contacts at the rear panel, and are

  displayed at the scale with LEDs as well.


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