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DataChart DC - 2000 Paperless Recorder Series

  2,4,6 or 12  direct universal: DC voltage, current and
  High speed storage capability: up to 8 samples per
   second per channel.
  Multiple storage media options: 3 1/2 1.4MB disk, or
 Compact Flash up to 2
  5.6 Brilliant TFT active matrix color or 5' monochrome display
  Intuitive Touchscreen Control with anti-glare coating.
 IP65 rated front panel.
  Standard IN enclosure: 144mm x 144mm bezel
  6 relay contact or solid state relay outputs/3 digital control input
  Parallel printer output
  Serial output options: RS232 or RS485.
  10BaseT Ethernet connection.
  Companion Software for unit configuration, communication, data
   analysis, pi export to standard spreadsheet/database applications.


DataChart DC - 1250  Paperless Recorder Series

DataChart 1250 Overview
 The DC 1250 is a feature rich digital recording system offering
   2 universally configurable isolated inputs for measuring DC voltage,
   DC current, thermocouples RTD s as well as frequency and pulse

   input are all standard. Combining small package size with extreme
   flexibility make the DataChart 1250 a powerful. vet economical,
   digital data recording system
  A maximum sample storage rate of 100 samples per second can
   be set for both channels allowing for capture of short duration
   precess signals anomalies points to be stored over long periodes

   of time.
  With intuitive operation, flexble input configuration and large memory
    capability the DAtaChart 1250 is a powerful, compact digital recorder


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