Compact Controller 96 x 96 R0300

Digital display for actual value and setpoint
Display of system deviation as 2-colar bar graph
Differential amd follow-up control for 2 colar bar graph
 Externally activated activated alternative setpoint
Regulated temperrature is maintained in the event of sensor failure
Depending upon order configuration, the controller is equipped with

the following characteristics:

2 or 4 control channels
Two position, three poisiton, step, continuous-action or hot runner
Hot runner start-up switch
Relay or transistor output
Two limit contacts: MIN and MAX absolute/relative, make/break contact
Sensor input for thermocouple types J,L,K,B,S,R,N amd PT 100
  ( 2/3-wire ) or standard signals: 0/2 .. 10V and 0/4 .. 20mA

RS 485 / TTY communications interface ( 20 mA )
 Auxiliary voltage: 24VAC,24VDC, 110VAC/230VAC


Compact Controller 96 x 96 R6000

new-Cost Reduction for Energy via Intelligent Power Limition-> more
new-with data logger, 3600 sampling values each from setpoint and
  actual value for 8 channels
new- with alarm history
  records up to 100 error states with timestamp

new-with alarm history
  records up to 100 error states with timestamp
new-more functions fur hot-runner control
  1. Boost-temporary boosting the setpoint frees up nozzles
  2. Mapping-checks sensor-heater assignment

 Extremety short cycle time: 100 ms for all 8 control zones
Two and three-position controller, step-action controller, continuous
   action controller

 Harmonic-free PDPI controller, limit transducer, cyclic duration controller
Fixed value, cascade and differential controller
 Control parameters can be adapted at any time
2nd set of parameters
Setpoint ramp
Feed-forward control for the avoidance of undershooting and
 Control zones can be assigned to groups
All zones can be deactivated as desired with internal or external signal
Actual value management by groups for the avoidance of thermal

Absolute or relative limit value monitoring start-up inhibiting normally
  open/ normally clased contact


Modular 19 Rack System R9000

Configurations administration for all control loops
Display of actual value and setpoint, alarms and error conditions
RS232/TTY serial interface ( 20mA )
  Controller modules
Input: 4 thermocouples, types L,J and K with switchable reference
  Junction or PT100/Ni100 or 10 V or 20mA standard signal, free

  liniazation possible

Control: two position/three position /step/continuous action
  /power controller/limit transducer
PDPI algorithm with self-optimzation
Outputs: 4 open collector outputs per relay for heating/cooling
 or more /less and MIN-MAX alarms


VIPA FM355/R355

System compatible with Siement ST-300 and VIPA System 300V/S
Software tool for complete configuration and parameter settings
 R355Remote, startup servicing and remote maintenance tool
Sampling cycle 10 ms per channel
4/8 freely configurable control channels 
Binary inputs/outputs with short-circuit detection freely assignable to
  controller states, functions and channets ( depending upon variant )
Non-assigned I/Os are freely available to the CPU
Control parameters adaptation can be started at any time for each
 control functions: limit trnsducer/2-step, 3-step, continuous action
andd step-action controller
Fixed value, cascade, differential and switch control
 Hot runner control with actuating circuit and booster circuit
Assignment to groups for control zones for synchronous heating
 Algorithms for water cooling
Data logger for all actual values and setpoints
Alarm histoyy with time stamp
Power limiting
Billing of several measuring inputs to determine the controlled 

                                                                                                          << ´>>

Programmable Control System VR660 ( new )

Fast, harmonic-free POPI control algorithm
System can be expanded at any time ( modular design )
 Easy replacement of individual modles
Space-saving as compared with conventional temperature controllers
Reduced installation costs-price advantage
Two or three-step controller
Fixed value control/programming
Proxy setpoint
Adiustable setpoint ramp
Heating circuit monitoring


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