หมวดสินค้า Process Transducer

RISH Ducer V604


# Input variable ( Resistance, DC current, DC
  voltage Potentiometer ) and all measuring ranges
  programmed using PC.
# Output signal range and characteristics ( linear/
  bent/live zero ) are programmed using PC and
  the type of output signal ( current or voltage ) on
  EN 61010
# Measured variable data available at the
   programming interface.
  programmed using PC.
#  Measured variable and signals can be viewed on
   site using a PC.

RISH Ducer PT602


# Measuring ranges configurable with DIP switch
  and potentiometer
# Non-standard user-specific ranges available
# Red LED's indicator : an open or short-circuit
# Electric isolation between input & output 2.3 kV
   and power supply and all other circuits 3.7 kV-
     fulfill EN 61010
# Universal ( DC/AC ) power supply



RISH Ducer TV808


# Electric Isolation between input,  and  power
   supply, prevents falsified measurement due to
   spurious potentials
#  Flexibility provided by more than 250 different
   input and output combinations selected by simply
   positioning soldered jumpers, helps in reduced
# Processes unipolar/bipolar and live zero signals
   Provision for raising the burden and signal
  conversion Green LED signals device in
     operating  condition.
#  High Electrical Insulation between input and
   output 2.3kV, and power supply versus all other
   circuits 3.7kV.

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